Canadian group, Go 4-D, lands exclusive North American distribution rights for RSscan International

Markham, ON May 1, 2018

Go 4-D is proud to announce that we have been granted the exclusive distributorship for RSscan International in North America effective May 1, 2018. RSscan is based in Paal, Belgium and has 20 years of experience developing, manufacturing and distributing various types of plantar pressure, gait and balance analysis systems for research and clinical applications. RSscan has partnered with GO 4-D to grow their presence in both the research and the clinical market in North America through placement of their hardware and software products. The founders of Go 4-D have a long relationship with RSscan and are excited to add RSscan products to their current business of 3-D printing custom orthotics. Friso Hagman, CEO, stated that “The North American market is growing rapidly. We believe that Go 4-D has the best industry knowledge and experience to make RSscan the leading clinical and lower limb research system in this market.”

About RSscan

Established in 1998 and based in Belgium, RSscan was born with a focus on the running population.  Jempi Wilssens, Chief Visionary Officer of RSscan, founded the company as there was a growing need for foot analysis in the world of running.  RSscan has become known as a global leader in foot measurement and analysis and has deployed more than 10,000-foot scan systems. Operating as a private company with 35 employees, Jempi Wilssens& Friso Hagman distribute their hardware and software products into more than 40 countries. Together with global partnerships, RSscan developed for medical and retail applications new customized solutions (3D printed insoles, Custom Footwear) based on scanning data.

About Go 4-D

Recently established and based in Toronto, GO4-D’s founders; Paul Linton, Chris Patten, and Lori Yarrow, had been long time customers of RSscan in the custom orthotics and foot scanning industry.  Thru this relationship they recognized RSscan as the leader in this field and are very excited to expand their North American presence through this exclusive distribution partnership. Paul Linton, CEO of Go 4-D stated, “I have placed thousands of RSscan footscan® pressure plates into clinics across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. There is no better system available and we are proud to partner with the innovative and visionary team at RSscan.”

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