Go 4-D announces HP Inc. partnership!

Go 4-D Inc. Disrupts the Custom Orthotic Industry
Through a Partnership with HP Inc., Go 4-D Brings the Custom Orthotic Industry into the 21st Century

Markham, ON July 10, 2018
Go 4-D Inc. announces a partnership with . to be the reseller of FitStation powered by HP within the North American B2B medical market.

FitStation powered by HP is an end-to-end solution for medical foot scanning, orthotic ordering and 3D printed custom orthotics.  Until recently, 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, was not commercially viable for custom orthotics due to constraints with print speed, cost and materials. The

End-to-End Ecosystem of Foot Scanning, Ordering and 3D Printing
FitStation powered by HP is a retail platform that utilizes 3D foot scans and gait analysis data to 3D print individualized shoe inserts and recommend off-the-shelf footwear. This data is captured, analyzed and processed using hardware and software innovated by RSscan of Belgium and the HP Immersive Computing team.

Based on the retail success of FitStation powered by HP, expansion into the medical market with FitStation was the next opportunity for HP Inc. Given their extensive experience and knowledge of the custom orthotic industry, Go 4-D was perfectly positioned to launch FitStation powered by HP into the B2B medical market.

Go 4-D Leads the Custom Orthotic Industry into the Future
The founders of Go 4-D have many years of experience in the custom orthotic industry and understand the pitfalls of manual, error-prone manufacturing. Since the 1950s, the custom orthotic industry has been dominated by manually vacuum-forming plastic over a static model of the foot and finishing the orthotic by manually gluing pads and a top cover.

Paul Linton, Chris Patten and Lori Yarrow had a vision to offer healthcare practitioners true custom, affordable 3-D printed orthotics hrough an efficient, high-tech, easy-to-use platform. Through their relationship with RSscan as the exclusive North American distributor of RSscan products, Go 4-D was introduced to the opportunity with FitStation powered by HP.

Custom Orthotics 3D Printed for Comfort, Precision and Clinical Outcomes
Using proprietary nylon 3-D print powder, the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer has achieved the impossible: a medical-grade custom orthotic that is flexible, thin, light-weight and comfortable while it delivers optimal biomechanical control; qualities that manual vacuum-formed orthotic manufacturing is unable to achieve.

Healthcare practitioners and patients can look forward to additional 3D printed custom products, including footwear, through FitStation platform in the future.

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