3 Advances in Custom Orthotics to watch for in 2019

Traditional custom orthotic manufacturing uses decades-old methods that have proven effective for millions of foot specialists and their patients. Health care, like all industries, has evolved in exciting ways that can improve clinical outcomes and assist in continuous bio-mechanical understanding.

  1. 3D printing is not new to the custom orthotic industry with the launch of SOLS and Wiivv. What you will see in 2019 is 3D printing that allows the foot specialist the clinical discretion to design a more precise custom orthotic compared to manual manufacturing. The ability to change segmental stiffness within one foot, without the addition of bulky pads or posting, promotes bio-mechanical correction without sacrificing patient comfort. The single sheet of plastic of one durometer, will be a concept of the past.
  2. Plaster casting is environmentally unfriendly. If you are still using plaster casting, or foam boxes, it’s time to get on the digital program. All of those casts end up in landfills and if you don’t toss your garbage out the window of your vehicle how can you be OK with tossing casts into a landfill? Digital 3D non weight-bearing scans, using 9 rotating cameras, creates a more accurate volumetric cast than you could ever achieve with plaster or foam.
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  3. Pre-fabs are not a compromise – every custom orthotic user should have a pair. Almost everyone of your patients has more than one pair of shoes and only your most committed patients actually move their orthotic from shoe to shoe to boot and back. Having pre-fabs available in your office is crucial to patient outcomes for 2 reasons. They need something to start relieving pain while they wait for their custom orthotics to arrive. Once their custom orthotics are in their shoes, they can move the pre-fab pair to a secondary pair of shoes. Pre-fab technology has never been better – look around at new options available.
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