About Us

Go 4-D assists footcare specialists across North America in providing a 100% digital custom orthotic workflow and 3D printed custom orthotic fulfillment.  We are excited to share with you that effective Jan 3, 2023, Go 4-D has been acquired by Superfeet.


Our team is built with decades of orthotic industry experience with the mission of empowering health care professionals to integrate 3D printing technology into their orthotic workflow.

Go 4-D was established as an innovator for the custom orthotics industry by offering a digital 3D custom orthotic solution for footcare specialists across North America. Go 4-D is the medical channel partner for Materialise Phits Suite and Phits Orthotics (previously RSscan and RS Print). Our custom orthotics are built on a dynamic gait analysis, an anatomical 3D scan and 3D print technology. The Practice of the Future is Data Driven and Patient Centric, are you ready?


Our Team

Paul Linton

CEO & Founder

Chris Patten

COO & Founder

Bernice Padua

Customer Success

Tu Nguyen

Accounting & Billing