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We stand for…

…Putting the patient first through evidence-based patient care and building the perfect, precise 3D printed custom orthotic on time.

…Being easy to work with, so you can spend time with patients, not on the phone waiting for customer service.

…Having a dedicated Customer Experience Representative, an actual person to contact when you need assistance.

Here’s how we are revolutionizing the orthotic business for clinics:

An integrated ecosystem of 3D foot scanning and/or pressure plate data, ordering and account management.
Insurance compliance documents sent with each pair of custom orthotics.

Based on your clinic needs, we can provide the 3D foot scanner and/or pressure plate you require, on terms that work for you.

Save money by avoiding the hidden costs with other labs: time spent calling customer service, waiting for lab prescription recommendations and figuring out monthly statements.

Dedicated on-boarding, clinic integration, account and marketing support throughout your partnership with Go 4-D.

Free patient annual check-up reminder that drives traffic and referrals to your clinic.

Go 4-D backs up our 3D printed custom orthotics with a patient satisfaction guarantee.

We also offer pediatric outgrowth and 2-year extended orthotic warranties.

Take the first step, learn about our 3D foot scanners.

Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss
your clinic requirements and budget.