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Biomechanical lattice-design

Go 4-D  set out to revolutionize the orthotic industry with a unique biomechanical lattice-design that comes to life on the HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printer. Each 3D printed custom orthotic by Go 4-D contains unique and unprecedented segmental-biomechanical control, lightweight-design and comfort that can’t be achieved using manual, subjective manufacturing methods.

3D printed custom orthotics dramatically reduces production waste compared to manual manufacturing.

3D foot scanner technology eliminates landfill waste from casting materials and the carbon emissions associated with shipping.

Non-toxic, bio-compatible 3D printing powder is recycled to optimize usage and minimize waste.

3D printed custom orthotic lattice design allows for the perfect amount of stiffness & flexibility to optimize function in each part of the foot, without the bulkiness of other orthotics on the market.

The lightweight, lattice design optimizes comfort for sport, work & daily activities.

The ability to manufacture multiple pairs of  3D printed custom orthotics for the same patient, to the same specifications, every time.

3D printed custom orthotics eliminates manual manufacturing errors & delays.

3D printed orthotics provide “equivalent or better” patient-reported outcomes when tested against standard orthotics.¹

¹Gibson KS, Woodburn J, Porter D, Telfer S. Functionally optimized orthoses for early rheumatoid arthritis foot disease: a study of mechanisms and patient experience. Arthritis Care Res. 2014; 66(10):1456–1464.

Orders are 3D printed specifically for each patient when the order is received.

Customized with your patients’ name 3D printed directly into each custom orthotic.

90-day patient satisfaction guarantee.

Kids out-growth & extended warranty programs.