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Around the kitchen table, Paul Linton and Chris Patten talked about the challenges facing healthcare practitioners who prescribe and dispense custom orthotics. Patients looked for high tech assessments and solutions but the custom orthotic industry had not advanced manufacturing methods in decades, leaving practitioners vulnerable to competitive pressure from retail options. With 3-D printing becoming a viable option for orthotics, they knew that better technology, better orthotics, and better service, was possible.

Their vision was to be the first company to offer affordable 3-D printed medical orthotics through an efficient, high-tech platform.

The formation of Go 4-D fulfilled their vision by offering a cloud-based, end-to-end ecosystem that integrates foot scanning, ordering and 3-D printing predicated on evidence-based patient care.

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Paul Linton
After earning a Bachelor of Kinesiology, Paul started his career in the custom orthotic industry and immediately put to use his knowledge of biomechanics and patient care. He went on to lead the North American Sales team to help thousands of health care practitioners use gait scanning technology to assess their patients’ dynamic needs and order custom orthotics.

Paul’s commitment to clinic satisfaction, evidence-based care and patient outcomes led him to start and grow custom orthotic businesses in Europe, Australia and Asia. With almost two decades of experience in the world of custom orthotics, Paul looked for an opportunity to fill the gaps in technology, products and services that plagued the industry. His keen sense of leadership, innovation and team work naturally led him to form Go 4-D with Chris Patten. A company committed to helping health care practitioners deliver 3-D printed orthotics, footwear and AFOs to patients across North America.

Chris Patten
After 20 years in the custom orthotic technology space, Chris has developed a keen appreciation and understanding of the challenges that face healthcare practitioners who are committed to state-of-the-art diagnostics, evidence-based practice and patient outcomes related to orthotic therapy.

Early in his career, he laid the groundwork for, what would later become, a foot scanning and ordering platform that was used by thousands of clinics around the world. Chris attributes the success of the platform to his ‘obsessive’ thought process about how to offer clinics simple to use, efficient technology. He achieved this by integrating and automating everything, making clinical and practice management information easy and quick to access. Chris’ vision is to create an integrated ecosystem of technological solutions that allow health care practitioners to spend more time helping patients instead of administrative work. As part of Go 4-D, Chris’ vision of an Industry 4.0 custom medical device business, has come to fruition.

The nice thing about this is that it’s not marketing. It’s the real world. It’s making something real for people. Making something individual. That is the most important thing.

Jempi Wilssens, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, RSscan