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Heel Corrections


Heel Pad (not available for cycling and ski devices)

If necessary, you can add a Fat Pad, Heel Spur Pad or Plantar Fasciitis pad to the device.  Please note that this option is only available if an EVA top cover is selected and will add thickness to the topcover.


Heel Cup

To save space in the patient’s footwear, you can select a low heel cup, otherwise, standard heel cup is the default.


Heel Wedge

A medial (positive degrees) or lateral (negative degrees) will be calculated by the algorithm.  Depending on the difference between the force applied on the medial heel zone and the lateral heel zone, a heel wedge value will be generated.


Heel Offset

You have the option to lift the heel of the patient up to 6mm.  This is best used for patients with leg length discrepancies.



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