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Meta Corrections

We recommend that you not go too high if you are adding meta supports (meta bar or metatarsal pads).   The meta supports will be printed in the same material and thus can feel quite prominent in the orthotics.  In most cases 1 or 2mm will be sufficient.


Meta Corrections – Meta Bar:

Met Bars – Only available for ortho base types.  They are used for general transverse arch support added to the distal end of the printed base.  The height can vary from 1 to 3mm.


Meta Corrections – Lateral Edge:

In this design panel, you can also choose to lower the lateral edge of the printed base.  A low lateral edge would be for patient’s with a wide forefoot, a prominent base of the 5th metatarsal or cuboid.


Meta Corrections – Metatarsal Pad:

A teardrop or T-form (slightly slimmer) metatarsal pad can be added to the orthotics.  The height can vary from 1 to 5mm.  Again, we do not recommend selecting a prominent height for this local correction as it is printed in the same material as the base and can feel quite prominent underneath the foot.



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