5. Forefoot Corrections & Confirming the Order

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Forefoot Correction & Confirming the Order

A forefoot correction can be added to the orthotic design.  You can choose between different shapes, heights and flexibilities.

Configurations include:
– Meta 1
– Meta 1-2
– Meta 2-4 (newly added on Footscan version 9.5.17)
– Meta 2-5 (newly added on Footscan version 9.5.17)
– Meta 5


The last panel in the Design Wizard is the Personalization stage which is a feature we are not offering at the moment.


Once the design parameters are complete, click on Proceed to Checkout.  This is where you will see a summary of the patient’s order.  Before confirming your order, please double-check the order details as the design parameters are no longer editable after this point.  When you are ready to submit, click on Confirm Order.

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