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AFO Scanning Protocol


For optimal results, we request that you scan your patient in partial weight bearing for AFOs.


a) Position a chair a comfortable distance from the scanner so that the patient has access to enter and sit safely.



b) Instruct the patient to remove their socks and shoes and roll up their pant leg (up to the tibial tuberosity if necessary).  Have the patient slide forward and place their foot on the center of the scanning window with their knee bent.



c) Adjust the patient’s position so that their knee is bent to 90 degrees and the tibial tuberosity is aligned with the second toe.


d) Maneuver the patient’s foot to find subtalar neutral OR the closest achievable position to neutral alignment.  This should be the ideal position that you would like the patient braced.

e) Stabilize the position with slight pressure at the superior aspect of the knee and medial/lateral to the tibial tuberosity.  If you prefer, you may also dorsiflex the first ray and hold.  We have the ability to crop out the hand later.


f) Hold the position and start scanning.


h) Repeat for the opposite foot if you are ordering bilateral braces.



To ensure fit of the AFO in the patient’s footwear, please note the following:

***In the event of moderate to severe misalignment/deformity please note that the semi-rigid structure of the brace is unlikely to fit into a standard shoe and the patient will require custom/accommodative shoes as a compliment to the treatment.

***For patients already wearing Custom, Orthopedic or Extra Depth Shoes, please provide this information in the AFO Ordering Portal.




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
support@go4-d.com or 1-888-353-4643

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