Footscan database sharing

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Footscan database network sharing The Footscan software allows for sharing of the patient database to other computers on your network that have Footscan installed (a simple file share type of setup). The purpose of this article is to explain how to setup this shared configuration. In order to enable database sharing please first follow the [...]

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WikyScan is an App based method for capturing 3D scans to import into our Footscan software The purpose of using WikyScan as a Go 4-D customer is to allow you to scan your patient's feet in 3D to combine that scan with the Dynamic pressure scan and Footscan software. WikyScan is an app available in [...]

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How to Install the Footscan Software

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How to Install the Footscan Software   Download the latest software here: Version 9.7.1 Released June 21, 2021 Software Installation Instructions: Please do not connect the hardware (3D scanner or pressure plate) prior to the software installation. Please note that this software requires a Windows based computer.  See our Footscan Computer Minimum Specs page for details. Download [...]

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Backing Up Your Footscan Database

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Backing Up Your Footscan Database   It is good practice to understand how and where your patient data is stored to protect yourself against data loss. The Footscan database is stored locally on the computer where the software was initially installed (data is not saved to the cloud, some data is, read more below).  As you [...]

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Footscan Computer Minimum Specs

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Footscan Computer Minimum Specs The minimum and recommended computer specifications include: O/S - Windows 10 (Windows 7 no longer supported as of July 2020) Apple Mac computers running Intel processors may virtualize Windows on top of their Mac using parallels, allowing Footscan to be installed.  The more recent M1 processor based Macs do not allow [...]

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Footscan Software Download

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Footscan Software Download Version 9.7.2 Released November 22, 2021 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: or 1-888-353-4643  

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