Creating an AFO Order (Step 1)

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Creating an AFO Order (Step 1)


Once you have successfully logged into the Go 4-D AFO Portal, you will be brought to the Home page.  On the top left of the screen, click on Create.  There are 4 simple steps in the AFO ordering process.


Step 1: Patient Information

Please fill out the patient information accordingly.  Fields marked with blue are mandatory.  An order cannot be submitted if these fields are left blank.


When ordering an AFO that extends to the gastrocnemius region, Manual Measurements are required to accompany 3D images that do not capture this area of the patient’s leg (i.e. Tiger 3D scans).  Please fill out the 4 mandatory measurements:

You have the option of entering more information in the Diagnosis text box.  This information will be useful in the overall design of the AFO.
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