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Creating an AFO Order (Login & Patient Info)


Our AFO orders are submitted using our Go 4-D AFO Portal.

To gain access, you will need to contact us at either support@go4-d.com or 1-888-353-4643 for your exclusive login and password.  Once received, you have access to not only placing AFO orders, but also orthotic order history and customer information as well!


To create an AFO order, click on the ‘AFO Orders’ tab and click on Create AFO button

Step 1: Patient Information

Please fill out the patient information accordingly.



When ordering an AFO that extends to the gastrocnemius region, Manual Measurements are required to accompany 3D images that do not capture this area of the patient’s leg (i.e. Tiger 3D scans).  Please fill out the 4 mandatory measurements:

In this section, you will also need to upload the patient’s 3D scans (.stl files) that were taken by your Tiger/3D scanner.  For a more detailed explanation on how to do this, please click here: Upload 3D Scan (.stl) Files for AFO orders – Go 4-D

Once this section is complete, click on Next to select the type of AFO best suited for your patient.  Creating an AFO Order (Order Information) – Go 4-D





If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
support@go4-d.com or 1-888-353-4643

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