Creating an AFO Order (Step 3)

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Creating an AFO Order (Step 3)


Step 3: Upload 3D Scan Files (.stl files only)

We recommend that you scan your patients in a semi-weight bearing corrected position using your Footscan System.  Also, please ensure that the malleoli of the patient is visible on the scans for proper design of the AFO.


Using the Footscan software, export the 3D scans of your patient by clicking Export 3D scan on the left hand side of the screen.


The system will automatically save the files in your selected folder.  Click on Open folder.


Only .stl files are used to produce our 3D printed AFOs.  Drag and drop the left, right, or both .stl files from your folder to the AFO portal.  Click on the video below for a demonstration:


When the files have uploaded completely, click on Step 4 tab to submit the order.

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