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Updated Oct 2022

The minimum and recommended computer specifications include:

  • Operating System – Windows 10/11 64 bit
    • Apple computers are not directly supported.
  • Processor – An intel i3 series processor of the 7th generation or newer (or similar) processor.
  • RAM – 8 GB or greater
  • Video Card
    • Support for DirectX12 (press the windows start button and type dxdiag and then press enter to verify which version your computer supports)
    • Support for OpenGL 2.1
    • A dedicated video card is highly recommended, such as NVidia or Radeon will render and display the 3D graphics better and faster
  • Screen – Full HD required as of v9.8 – 1920 x 1080
  • USB Ports – USB2 ports, 1 for each foot scanner
  • HD – Recommend an SSD type drive min 128 GB. 5 GB free space for the Footscan program.  Patient scan database will grow by ~30mb per scan.
  • Internet access required for initial setup and for order submission.  Your scanning computer will require access to the below URLs.  If you are behind a firewall, please have you IT support team whitelist the below URLs:
    • Automatic software updates and migration wizard download:
    • Identification of the footscan 9 software:
    • Automatic download of configuration (see chapter 4.2) and calibration files (see chapter 4.3):
    • Anonymous logging of usage statistics:
    • Emailing service:
    • Phits™:
  • It is also generally recommended to perform all Windows updates before installing the Footscan software client.


Any questions can be emailed to support@go4-d.com or call 1-888-353-4643

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