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Footscan database network sharing

The Footscan software allows for sharing of the patient database to other computers on your network that have Footscan installed (a simple file share type of setup).

The purpose of this article is to explain how to setup this shared configuration.

In order to enable database sharing please first follow the prerequisite steps below:

  1. Contact support@go4-d.com to request your software license be upgraded (at no cost) to enable database sharing.
  2. You will need a usb security dongle (small purple usb dongle) on each computer you wish to run additional Footscan software on.  Your system shipped with 1 dongle.  If you require more than 1, please contact support@go4-d.com to purchase more (nominal fee).
  3. Ensure all computers will be on the same network and visible to each other.  Generally stand alone clinics won’t have any issue with this step.  In larger organizations with dedicated IT support you likely require assistance from your IT team to ensure you will be able to share your database file on your network.  Go 4-D is happy to work with your IT team on this as well.

Once the above prerequisites are checked off, please follow the below steps to setup Footscan database sharing:

  1. On the main Footscan host computer, (this is usually the first computer you installed Footscan on), you need to rename the Footscan database file to prepare it for sharing.  Follow the below steps to do this:
  2. Once in Footscan, Click Settings, Advanced and update the last part of the file path shown to footscanshared.sqlite, (so you just need to amend the word shared to footscan as show below) then press Save, then the software will restart.
  3. Share the Footscan database folder so other computers on your network have read/write access to it.  The follow steps explain how to do this:
    1. On your Windows 10 computer, click start, then settings, then follow the below screens
    2. Click Network & Internet
    3. Click Network and Sharing Center
    4. Click Change advanced sharing settings
    5. Click Turn on file and printer sharing, if not already turned on.  And then click the down arrow to expand All Networks.
    6. Click Turn off password protected sharing (this will allow visibility to this file folder to anyone on your network).  And then click Save changes.
    7. You can close any remaining windows open.
    8. Now open File Explorer on your taskbar.  Then click This PC on left side and then double click the Local Disk C drive.
    9. Now you want to drill down to the gaitessentials9 folder by following the folders noted on the left.  Please note under Users you need to choose the account name (shown as chris in this example) that you log into the computer with for Footscan.
    10. Now you need to Right click the gaitessentials9 folder and select properties.
    11. Now click the Sharing tab at top, and then click the Share button.
    12. In this window you need to select “Everyone” in the drop down, and then click Add to add them to the list below.  And then change the permission level for “Everyone” to Read/Write.  And then click Share.
    13. If you are prompted with the below please select No, make the network that I am connected to a private network.
    14. You should now be presented with a dialog like the below.  Your dialog will show a different computer name.  Please copy or note the network share path as you will need to enter it on the other computers you wish to access this Footscan database.  And then click Done.
    15. And click Close here.
    16. One final step to configure database sharing on your host scan computer.  You need to rename the Footscan.sqlite file to footscanshared.sqlite.
    17. This concludes the steps needed to enable database sharing on the “host” Footscan computer.  The below steps are how to configure the “client” Footscan computers (the other computers you are installing Footscan on).

How to configure Footscan on the client (remote) computers on your network:

  1. Download and install Footscan on each “client” computer you have USB dongles for.  Do not plug the USB dongle in until after the software has been installed.  Download the latest Footscan software from this page – How to Install the Footscan Software – Go 4-D.
  2. Once you have installed the Footscan software on a client computer and have now plugged in the USB dongle you may open the Footscan software.
  3. With Footscan open, click on Settings and then the Advanced tab and enter the network path that you noted earlier from the host computer file share setup (Step #26 above).  Please add \footscanshared.sqlite to the end of the path.  It should look like the below path, except your host computer name will be different.  Once the path has been entered, click Save at the bottom.
  4. The software will now prompt you that it will restart, press OK.  When the software re-launches it will now be using the host computer’s Footscan database.


You may also choose to store the database file on a server on your network as well.  You can simply move the file to a network server and update all Footscan computers to point to that location.  This is sometimes helpful to ensure the database file is better protected and backed up.  Please consult with Go 4-D support and your own IT team to decide what setup is best for your clinic.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
support@go4-d.com or 1-888-353-4643

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