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Software and Scanner Setup


Adding Your Clinic Logo

  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Report Footer and select Image from the drop down
  • Upload your clinic logo
  • You may also choose to change the Home Screen logo from Footscan to your clinic logo (recommended)
  • Select Change and upload
  • Then Save



  • Calibrating your plate once a week is recommended to maintain accuracy of the pressure values. This process only takes 2 minutes, and we suggest performing calibration every Monday morning.
  • Click on Settings/Device/Calibration interval. You will be prompted to calibrate at the frequency you select.


Creating a Patient Record

  • Go to Database and click Add
  • Enter the patient’s data. The following information is required:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender

TIP: Use the remarks box to write down extra information about the patient, complaints they have, general issues, etc.


Foot Size

  • You will see that the program offers you the option to enter the patient shoe size in EU, UK and US sizes.
  • When you start the recording, the software defaults to UK sizing. This occurs because the software and scanners are from RSscan International/Materialise of Belgium; however, you can change the default to US and the conversion from and to US sizes will be completed automatically.


3D Scanner Preparation

  • Before you scan your first patient, you need to perform a test scan.
  • Once you have created a patient and click the Record button, you will be taken to the 3D Scan Window.

  • In the lower right corner, you will see these settings. Set the scanning resolution to Normal.


  • After the test scan, review the image. If you see scan artifacts (see images below) or receive an Error Message, you need to assess:
  1. The shade of the patient’s skin (light or dark) that you are scanning.
    • If the skin is light, the Light Sensitivity should be LOW
    • If the skin is dark, the Light Sensitivity should be HIGH
  2. Lighting in the room where you are performing the scan.
    • Changing the position of the 3D scanner may rectify the problem of scan artifacts.



Pressure Plate Preparation

  • Position the Footscan plate so there is sufficient room to walk to and from the plate.
  • Make sure the patient is looking straight ahead when they walk.  They should not be looking down.
  • Capture at least three recordings of each foot.




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
support@go4-d.com or 1-888-353-4643

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