Measuring Foot & Shoe Size Using Templates

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Measuring Foot & Shoe Size Using Templates


Before scanning your patient, measure both your patient’s foot and shoe size using the templates provided with your system.  Please note that these templates are in UK shoe sizing.

To correctly match a template size with the patient’s foot size, have your patient stand on the sizing template ensuring the heel is in the correct position.  Select a template where the end of the longest toe and the end of the template are the same (illustration below).  If one size template is too short and the next size up is too long, use the half size in between (i.e. 7.5 UK).  Remember to measure both left and right separately as they may be different lengths.


The foot size corresponds to the base size that will be used in the Footscan Design Wizard.


The sizing templates can also be used to determine proper fit inside of the patient’s shoe.  The length of these templates are the same length you will receive in a full length orthotic.  It is best practice to measure the patient’s shoe size using our templates rather than going by the size on the shoe as sizing scales can differ by brands.


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