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Orthotic Warranties, Modifications and Outside of Warranty Service


Orthotic Warranty

  • 90 day patient satisfaction guarantee
  • 2 year warranty on 3D printed shell
  • 6 month warranty on top covers


Orthotic Modifications – Repairs and Recovers

3D printed orthotics have all traditional orthotic modifications constructed and printed within the device.  There are no post printed/dispensed modifications available or allowed.  If a patient is not satisfied with the prescribed device, we offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and will partner with you to identify the problem and work towards a satisfactory result.  Please contact support@go4-d.com for a Go 4-D authorizing ticket # that is required for a warranty reprint.

If you require a recover or refurbishment on a patient order, please complete our  Go 4-D RMA Request Form.pdf (go4-d.com) and email to support@go4-d.com. We will then provide a Go 4-D Ticket # that is required prior to sending the orthotics back.  When shipping back orthotics to our Production facility, we recommend a courier of your choice; or selecting a USPS/Canada Post service level that provides you with a tracking number.


Orthotic Returns

All custom orthotics are non-returnable and non-refundable for credit due to patient incompliance.  Each orthotic device is 3D printed based on the patient’s unique individual scan, diagnosis and device configuration.  If prescribed results are not achieved, we will partner with you to identify the problem and work towards a satisfactory result.


Children’s Outgrowth Program

  • We will offer a 25% discount on a replacement order for young patients who have outgrown a prior Go 4-D device.
  • Applicable within 18 months of original order.
  • Can be ordered as many times as desired inside 18 months.
  • Please request discount when submitting the replacement order.


Outside Warranty Period Support

If there is a concern with the device and it has passed the 90 day patient satisfaction guarantee, we will work with you to identify the problem.  Please contact us at support@go4-d.com or 1-888-353-4643.

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