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WikyScan is an App based method for capturing 3D scans to import into our Footscan software

The purpose of using WikyScan as a Go 4-D customer is to allow you to scan your patient’s feet in 3D to combine that scan with the Dynamic pressure scan and Footscan software.

WikyScan is an app available in the Apple App store (Not compatible with Andorid at this time).  Please be aware that the app is compatible with the below Apple iPhone and iPad models which have the True Depth front facing camera sensor.

How to install and use WikyScan for 3D scanning purposes.

  • Ensure you have a compatible device with a true depth front facing camera
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone Xs
    • iPhone Xs Max
    • iPhone Xr
    • iPad Pro(2018-2021)
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone 11 pro
    • iPhone 11 pro max
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 12 mini
    • iPhone 12 pro
    • iPhone 12 pro max
  • Open the Apple app store on your device and search for WikyScan
  • When prompted with the below Insert a valid License, please enter the email address we have registered your account with.
  • You will now be presented with the main app screen.  It is a simple app for scanning only.
  • Click the Patients button at bottom.
  • Click New Patient
  • Complete the Patient required fields and then Save
  • Press the scan visit date record at top, or start a new scan visit
  • Now you are ready to scan, press Scan Left or Scan Right.  You can do both or just one.
    • When you scan for the first time, you need to allow WikyScan to access your camera, press Ok.
  • You are now in the active scan mode but have not started scanning yet.
  • Have your patient sitting in a chair and have them prop their leg up on another chair with bare foot in air.
  • Face the front facing camera towards the patients foot.
  • You need to stay ~8-10 inches away.  You can test with your hand in front of the camera to start to gauge how close you need to be.
  • Once ready face the camera towards your patient’s foot, it will look like the below
  • Once the patient’s foot is stable and not moving, press the circle button to begin scanning, it will then look like the below.
  • You want to slowly move side to side and up and down to allow the camera to capture different angles, ensure you scan below and around the heel area.
  • Press the red circle after scanning for roughly 10 seconds.
  • Don’t worry if there are some extra artifacts captured outside the patient’s foot area, Go 4-D crops this out.
  • If you are happy with the scan press save, or if you wish to rescan, press rescan.
  • If you are scanning both left and right, proceed to scan the other foot.
  • Once you are done scanning, press Save & Submit.  This is an important step.  This will send the raw scan to Go 4-D, and Go 4-D will email you back a cleaned up and cropped version of the scan in order to import into your Footscan software.
    • You will want to have already performed the Dynamic pressure scan and saved it before you attempt to Import the 3D scan into Footscan.
  • Once you receive the 3D scan file back from Go 4-D (in your email), Open Footscan, Select the corresponding Patient and Session and click Import 3D scan.
  • When you import the 3D scan you will need to set the points for the heel center, First and Fifth.

Please contact Go 4-D support at support@go4-d.com or 1-888-353-4643.


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